Balayage application

All about hair color event in Las Vegas with Colourwand and west coast Chromatics hair color 2018 Tom Despenza and David Velasco ,hair colorist Martin Rodriguez founder of  COLOURWAND BALAYAGE TOOLS, Isabel Navarro, Yanni Daskalakis

Day one color chemistry education

This was a fun event for well over two hundred hair stylist attending to learn the truth about hair color chemistry.

West Coast chromastics 2018

Thank you all for attending our hands on education with Colourwand balayage tools

Colourwand attendees May 28th congratulations 

March 19th 2017

Mastering balayage hair painting 

  • Part hair into a four Part Quadrant
  • start at the apex, take out a 1 1/2 inch section of hair
  • work with parting that you can manage start by painting a V-Pattern at the apex about one in away from base.
  • Continue this pattern on all four quadrants 

Mixing lightener one scoop of bleach to 2 ounces of developer lightener should spread easily without drying to fast .

Process at room Temperature for desired results.

Balayage hair painting classes available , Demos, hands on classes and private on on one email us for more info.

ColourWand Balayage Hair color techniques using hand painting sweeping Motions.

Balayage is the term for French high-lighting effects.

This method of balayage hair coloring is for all hair type, when in the right hands it produces beautiful color tones and various color shades.

Is bleach the same with balayage as you do with traditional foil?

If you know what you’re doing you can use any bleach the longest the mix is right. Today in the market there is Different bleaches available from Organic blech and M.E.A ONE MUST HAVE A GREAT UNDERSTADING of these products and what they do.

I like using Regular ammonia powdered lightener this product is made to work evenly in a time manner of 45 min without over drying the hair , I like mixing 2 ounces of 20 vol developer to one scoop of blech.

When I think of the balayage technique, I think of sweeping with a broom or dusting the hair lightly for the coloring effect that I imagine.

 Balayage can be done on any level of hair color from black to gray hair?

starting at the nape and painting the hair at different angles with the brush and using various painting strokes with bleach or color with low volume h2o2 you can add a couple of other colors to achieve different tones and contrast in balayage hair painting.

Dark or Black Hair

First time client’s I explain that this technique looks better on layered hair. The highlights SHOULD STILL blend and not so bold if the client has darker hair. It is a good idea to use various tones on dark hair for a better blend of tones.


For red heads I use the same theory as above always-using color and bleach with reds I else recommend using some yellow gold’s these colors look amazing with the reds color deposits specially if you are using the patterns of rounds and flats, lighting plays a huge part in hair coloring.


One must have a true Understanding of the chemistry of hair color and bleaches specially if using hair color at home. Hair-color is 98% chemicals without the knowledge you will not be able to have successes in hair coloring.    

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